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Opus I

A veritable ode to song and rock, Opus 1 is a rich and well balanced album referring from track to track to classic rock then ballads, to blues soul, then progressive, folk and R’n’B, each with clear influences. We hear echoes of ZZ Top, AC/DC, The Allman Brothers Band, Dire Straits and Led Zeppelin


A rock song which echoes ZZ Top. Joniece Jamison starts with a powerful lead voice, before Mike Lester joins with his answer and the two melodies combine in perfect osmosis.

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Wild Grass

From the first bars of the second track “Wild Grass”, a slow and melodious rock song influenced by Led Zeppelin, Mike Lester’s warm husky voice is accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar, building to an emotional crescendo, when Joniece Jamison’s gospel tones enter stage - firstly just touches, then working in counterpoint, finally reaching their zenith when the whole band joins the action.

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Black Cat Boat

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In concert

Friday 25th October 2019

Espace Philippe Noiret
Place Charles de Gaulle
78340 Les Clayes-sous-Bois


The duo

Lester Jamison is formed by two artists who have made France their home, based in the Paris area. From different musical backgrounds, their paths finally met: rock, folk and country for the Italian-born Mike Lester, and gospel for the American Joniece Jamison.

My first is a singer-guitarist of Italian extraction – the clue is not in the name - who proved himself leading the Boogaloo Band, the Mike Lester Band and Pirates Zone, travelling the roads of France and Europe for over twenty years and producing nine albums, supported Chuck Berry, performed alongside Rory Gallagher, Moon Martin, The Inmates, The Rubettes, Yannick Noah, Jimmy Cliff and Ben l’Oncle Soul, played guitar for Johnny Hallyday, crossed paths with Gérard Manset (who produced 2 of his albums).

My second is an Afro-American singer born in Baltimore, whose track record includes a duo with French singer, François Feldman singing “Joue pas!” and “J’ai peur” (1989), singing backing vocals for Eurythmics at concerts and recordings (hers is the voice on “Sweet dreams”), Elton John, Bernard Lavilliers, Mike and The Mechanics, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Johnny Hallyday (Joniece too), Daniel Balavoine, Véronique Samson among others, before returning to gospel (the “Nuances gospel” album released in 2004).



Bruno Besse
Jo Lacube
JC Guiraud
Nico Nouvel